CI’s Communication Program is dedicated to developing students’ understanding of human communication processes as symbolic and meaningful, with particular emphases in...

  1. Health Communication
  2. Environmental Communication
  3. Organizational Communication

Students who complete the Communication Program will be able to apply communication competencies in a service-learning environment, thus, preparing them to take responsibility for their future (inter)actions within both local and global communities.

Learning Outcomes

The Communication Program’s Learning Outcomes include the ability to…

  1. Create and analyze both oral and written messages
  2. Collaborate with others in culturally diverse groups
  3. Analyze and create solutions to interpersonal, organizational, and community conflict
  4. Apply communication theory to specific content areas of health, environmental, or business/non-profit
  5. Evaluate and explain human communication processes by using a variety of research methods
  6. Apply communication competencies in a community engagement/service learning environment
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