This page provides information and resources to help you make decisions regardingthe major. The Communication Program advisor can answer questions about COMM classes, course substitutions, careers in the field, and the different emphasis options. For questions about graduation requirements or GE, make an appointment with the Advising Center

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4-Year Graduation Roadmap

Course Rotation Schedule: Organizational CommunicationFallSpring
COMM 333: NonprofitXX
COMM 442: Organizational CommXX
COMM 455: LeadershipXX
Course Rotation Schedule: Health CommunicationFallSpring
COMM 325: Media CampaignsX
COMM 441: Health CommXX
COMM 355: Cross-Cultural HealthX
Course Rotation Schedule: Environmental CommunicationFallSpring
COMM 327: Communicating ScienceX
COMM 443: Environmental CommX
COMM 450: Environ. ConflictX

Degree Plan for Organizational Communication

Degree Plan for Health Communication

Degree Plan for Environmental Communication

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